[2016 BISS] Calstep that Keeps Balance of The Body


Calstep Korea, golf functional shoes has showcased Calstep products at Busan International Shoe Show, Busan, BEXCO from 3rd to 5th.

Calstep which was sensationally popular after launching the walker shoes and flip-flops in the USA California in 1985 have showcased various functional shoes knowhow at BISS 2016 and presented the golf shoes that keeps the balance of the body.

They have developed a balance step arch insole that keeps the balance of the body and supports the weight movement during while walking. They also have studied and tested vastly on insole to support the distance and swing posture and applied the function for the comfortable body during walking or while doing a golf wing and for the weight movement to balance golf shoes.

They are receiving a very positive response from existing European and American buyers and planning to expand their market into Korea and Japan. They aim to go through the popular market like screen golf market and testing from the professional golf players to become the professional golf shoes. It is expanded to become the leader of the leisure spike-less trendy golf shoes.

On the other side, 2016 BISS is the only Korean shoe industrial exhibition, 260 companies from 25 countries have participated. To participating companies, differentiated business opportunities was offered and visitors could see the shoes made from high-technology and with functionalities. Various events like Busan international industrial textile exhibition, Busan fashion week, Prêt-à-porter fashion show and other seminars were held at the same time for the visitors.

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